$5 from Every Sale Donated

As a year-end promotion, we will be trying to sell 300 books, and $5 from every book will go to one very lucky rescue: Philly Bully Team! Philly Bully Team is one of the most proactive and prolific pittie-focused rescues in Philadelphia; they consistently say 'yes' to the hard cases, the medical cases, the special dogs. They are changing the landscape for dogs in Philadelphia, rescuing dogs out of backyards, basements, and worse.

Read About the Rescue

Do More Good

If we sell over 300 books, the publisher will do another print run! And $5 from all of THOSE additional sales will also go to the rescue!

Where to Buy

The beautiful hardcover is available through Dog Park Publishing! You can order on their website or on Amazon.

244 pages, 138 beautiful portraits, 100+ families.

You can also order the updated Kindle version. **NOTE: Kindle orders do not count towards the fundraiser, sorry!