About the Author

AnnaLisa Allegretti became interested in clarifying the hazy concept of the "pitbull" after becoming the owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier. Through daily encounters and work with rescue organizations and shelters, it became clear that people liberally applied the "pitbull" label to an impossibly broad swath of dogs. She now has three dogs- her original APBT, a purebred American Bully (rescued--you can adopt purebreds from shelters, despite what you may hear), and a half-APBT, half-AmStaff pup she found in a vacant lot in a less than ideal area of Philadelphia. By showing the public just how different each "pitbull" looks from the next, she hopes to raise awareness regarding the problematic nature of legislating against a poorly defined class of dogs, many of whom are actually a collection of unrelated breeds altogether that simply looks the part.

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